Rosaceae, the rose family, is a medium-sized family of flowering plants, including 4,828 known species in 91 genera. The name is derived from the type genus Rosa.

Edible Fruits / Genera Not in Their Scientific Names But Common Names
1.Apple 2.Common Kiwi 3.Malus sieversii 4.Orange 5.Rose Hip 6.Golden Kiwi 7.Blueberry 8.Peach 9.Plum 10.Pear 11.Blackberry 12.Hardy Kiwi 13.Red Kiwi 14.Kumquat 15.Banana 16.Raspberry 17.Apricot 18.Cherry 19.Cloudberry 20.Loquat 21.Nectarine 22.Southern Crabapple 23.Strawberry 24.Arctic Kiwi 25.Silver Vine Kiwi 26.Lemon 27.Pomelo 28.Cranberry 29.Almond 30.Blackthorn 31.Chokecherry 32.Cotoneaster 33.Firethorn 34.Hawthorn 35.Medlar 36.Mountain Ash 37.Quince 38.Serviceberry 39.Boysenberry 40.Dewberry 41.Loganberry 42.Burnet 43.Grapefruit 44.Lime 45.Tangerine 46.Bilberry 47.Lingonberry 48.Lakatan Banana 49.Durian 50.Cherry Laurel 51.English Laurel 52.Cinquefoil 53.Crab Apple
Inedible Fruits / Plant Species
1.Avens 2.Actinidia chrysantha 3.Actinidia pilosula 4.Actinidia laevissima 5.Actinidia rubus 6.Actinidia rudis 7.Actinidia suberifolia 8.Actinidia ulmifolia 9.Actinidia vitifolia 10.Rue 11.Birch Leaf Mountain Mahogany
Non-Flowering Plants
1.Common Juniper 2.Shore Juniper 3.Atlas Cedar 4.Mountain Cypress 5.Common Yew 6.European Silver Fir
Extinct Plant Species
1.Actinidia faveolata 2.Actinidia oregonesis
1.Rose 2.Agrimony 3.Flowering Quince 4.Lady's Mantle 5.Shrubby Cinquefoil
Other Plant Species
1.Goat's Beard 2.Meadowsweet
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Fruit Families
1.Rosaceae 2.Actinidiaceae 3.Rutaceae 4.Ericaceae 5.Musaceae 6.Cucurbitaceae 7.Malvaceae
Primary Fruit Subfamilies
1.Amygdaloideae 2.Rosoideae 3.Actinidia 4.Aurantoideae
Secondary Fruit Subfamilies
Non-Flowering Plant Families
1.Cupressaceae 2.Pinaceae
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