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Golden Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) is a fruit tree and medicinal plant native to China. It is closely related to Actinidia deliciosa, the source of the common kiwifruit. It is pollinated by bees.

Origin Edit

The origin of the Golden Kiwi is supposed to be the northern Yangtze river valley. In China, it is nowadays dispersed in the entire southeast of the country.

Herbarium specimens, but not plants, were forwarded to the Royal Horticultural Society by the British plant hunter Robert Fortune, from which Jules Émile Planchonnamed the new genus in the London Journal of Botany, 1847. Charles Maries, collecting for Messrs Veitch noted it in Japan, but the introduction to Western horticulture was from E.H. Wilson, who sent seeds collected in Hupeh to Veitch in 1900.

Appearance Edit

The Golden Kiwi looks almost the same as the Common Kiwi except that its skin is smoother and the flesh is golden (or yellow).

Golden Kiwis

Two Zespri™ Golden Kiwis; one is sliced open.